Who We Are

Shar Organics is a woman and LGBTQ owned and family run business based out of California. We are dedicated to the highest quality, organic products made with hemp-derived, full spectrum CBD. All Shar Organics are proudly grown and processed in the USA! And each bottle or package is marked with it’s 3rd party certification to make it easy for you to know you have the best CBD.  Shar Organics products are THC free, Farm Bill approved, and 100% legal in all 50 States. We are dedicated to helping others so Shar Organics donates proceeds from every sale to various non-profit organizations.


Shar and Tree

Our Story

After decades of working in the health and wellness industries, Shar Organics founders’, Shar Rednour and Jack Bruckman, created Shar Organics to be a trusted source of the highest quality products made with the highest quality, 100% organically grown, non-GMO, full spectrum, THC-free, phytocannabinoid–rich (PCR) hemp.

left to right:  Jack Bruckman and Shar Rednour
left to right: Jack Bruckman and Shar Rednour

Hemp is legal in all 50 States since the Farm Bill passed in December 2018. You might have noticed hemp-derived CBD products on the market lately claiming to have no THC but actually they have fractional amounts, or they are not quality-controlled so you don’t know the quality of the CBD, where it was grown or how it was processed. The problem is that you don’t know what you are getting and also what you aren’t getting–some THC and possibly no CBD or processed so much it’s not absorbable. NOT true for Shar Organics. 

Shar Organics soft gels and dog treats are carefully processed with a special nanotechnology that helps your (or your pet’s) body absorb it. Our mint tincture and salve are trusted favorites for many customers. Our products are 3rd party verified for strength and ingredients and to show that they are organically-sourced and made in the USA–each bottle has the verification right on it so you can see for yourself. No mysteries! 

We our moms (77 and 83!) and friends were searching for high-quality CBD without THC so that’s how Shar Organics was started. We found the highest quality, organically-grown, full spectrum THC-Free, PCR Hemp oil rich in healing phytocannabinoids and are bringing it to you. What you find on our site is exactly what our pets, family and we ourselves take. Thank you for reading about our woman-owned business.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Shar and Jack with their moms
Shar and Jack with their moms