Frequently Asked Questions

How will my purchase appear on my credit card statement?

Your purchase will appear as Bruckman Consulting Group which is the parent account by myself and my spouse Jack Bruckman-Rednour.


Are your products legal to buy in my State?

Yes! Shar Organics products are legal in all 50 States. The 2018 Farm Bill signed into law made Hemp totally legal.


What is CBD or Phytocannabinoids?

CBD is Cannabiodiol —a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant. Phytocannabinoids are the whole family of compounds in the plant which give it therapeutic qualities. Learn more here


When do your products expire?

Our products have a shelf life of about 18 months.


How do I store your products?

A cool, dark place is best for CBD products and they can be refrigerated although it’s not required.


Should I use a topical or an internal product?

This is a matter of preference and what your needs are. For example, Shar uses both for her arthritis—she takes the soft gels for strength and consistency then adds the salve for that satisfying feeling of massaging it straight into an aching joint for immediate relief. It’s so soothing and smells amazing from our natural botanicals!


How long does your products take to ship?

Orders made before 10AM MT Monday -Friday ship that day. It takes about a week to receive your order depending on where your live. Shipping times will be clear once your items are in your shopping cart. We are aware that big corporations might ship faster and we appreciate you choosing quality customer service and a family-owned business over get-it-quick hype.


Why do you point out that your CBD is hemp-derived?

Shar Organics’ CBD is derived from the Hemp plant which has less than .3% THC (and then we do a special process that extracts even that tiny last .3%) yet has the full-spectrum of the plant for healing purposes unlike many CBD products. Hemp is used for medical purposes, beauty and wellness products as well as industrial purposes like paper, fabric and rope. 


Will I pass a drug test if I use Shar Organics?

We cannot make any promises about drug tests because we do not know what any company is testing for so you need to inquire with the lab doing the testing. There is no THC in our products.


What is Nanotechnology and why do I care?

Our hemp oil soft gels and our dog treats benefit from a nanoemulsion process which means that the particles are “nano” small. Others’ CBD particles are 150-5000 nanometers and ours are 25-60. Why you care is because this means your body absorbs the CBD easier, faster, and better. Short version—it makes our CBD a much higher quality so you get real relief that you can feel.


What does 3rd party verified mean? And/or how do I know MY bottle has all the goodies in it?

To say “3rd party” or “independently-verified” means that the scientific testing is done by a neutral, unbiased, highly-respected laboratory. One of the main concerns most people have with any medication, herbal or vitamin supplement is regarding ingredients—the desired ones as well as the undesired ones like toxins or metals. You want to make sure that it is 1) safe to take and, 2) that the desired compounds are actually in the product so that you aren’t throwing away money. Each and every bottle, bag or jar of Shar Organics has a batch-number along with contact information for the lab that tested the batch.  There’s a QR code you can scan or you can go to Mycbdtest.com and enter the number on your item to see for yourself the level of our goodies you want as well as confirmation that is no THC or toxins.